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Gilles Koch
Gilles has over 25 years of management experience in structured finance. He is specialised in governing international private and public, oil & gas companies.

Gilles began his career in 1990 as buy-side equity analyst and fund manager at Bank Leu in Zurich. At the end of 1992, he was recruited by a private bank called Finter Bank in Zurich for the post as Chief Investment
Officer. In such position, he was entrusted with the responsibility for the asset management of all clients' assets and the creation of a growth oriented SICAV fund incorporated under the laws of Luxembourg. In addition to the first fund, Gilles launched one of Switzerland's first alternative investment funds (cross hedge fund) in 1993, whose conservative investment strategy was to hedge the expected inflation and generating better returns than the fund's benchmark, the UBS Global Bond Invest.

At the end of 1994, Gilles co-founded his first in Zurich domiciled corporate finance firm and served over 20 years as its CEO and President. Gilles provided financing almost exclusively to distressed, privately or publicly held oil & gas companies. In most cases Gilles became controlling shareholder and started a restructuring program. In each of his investment, Gilles always acted as an active investor, overseeing corporate strategies, acted on the board of directors and on all committees. Occasionally Gilles had to step in as interim CEO of private, or in some cases also of publicly listed oil & gas companies. Today, Gilles enjoys extensive knowledge in the purchase of international oil & gas licenses as well as their financing with the subsequent listing of the projects in a company on an international stock exchange.

In 2016, Gilles co-founded another in Liechtenstein incorporated asset management company and acts as its managing partner. The company is exclusively providing funding to producing oil & gas companies only, by investing in gross overriding royalties.

Gilles is a board member of the non-profit foundation "Waterful," responsible for water treatment in the Democratic Republic Congo. The Kinshasa based sister organisation SODIS DR Congo is recognised by all national ministries and benefits of full tax exemption in all its activities.

Gilles studied economics and political science at the University of Bern and graduated with a master's degree in 1990. In 1989 he graduated from high school with the eidg. Matura (Baccalaureate) in Mathematics and Physics.