Manifa Oilfield in the Persian Gulf


Managing Partner: "Gilles Koch"
Gilles has over 25 years of management experience in structured finance. He is specialised in the management of international private and public, oil & gas companies.
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Oil & Gas: "Holt Zone"
There is a strong background story to our resource play that I believe is important in explaining how this significant play has slid under the radar screen of the Canadian upstream oil & gas industry.
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Real Estate: "Cemetery"
This is an easy to grasp business which comes with a high internal rate of return ("IRR"), does not correlate with equities nor with bonds and its investment is protected by an agreement at government level between Bolivia and Switzerland.
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Equity Trading: "Pink Sheet"
U.S. shareholders of companies listed on U.S. pink sheet with a stock price of $ 0.001 (1 cent) or below, face the situation that U.S. banks no longer deposit such shares into the client's account. Share certificates sit with the corresponding transfer agents and become unsaleable. We step in and provide a solution.
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Investment Fund: "Oil & Gas Royalty Fund"
North American junior oil & gas companies have since 2014/15 not been able to raise enough capital to expand nor to keep their business. That lead to M&A activity and or divesting of assets at deep discounts to valuation of proven reserves and NPV10. Our scheme provides funding under gross overriding royalties ("GORR"), which has zero dilution and does not affect the balance sheet. Mineral rights are owned and we get monthly cash-flows.
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International Banking: "Acquisition through Netoil"
An old established relationship with the owner of Netoil, requested us to seek funding for taking over two banks, one European division of a Russian bank and one large Mid Eastern bank listed on two major stock exchanges.
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Real Estate: "Acquisition of High-End Real Estate"
The legal network of Persee Holding, got word that several in Switzerland situated real estate objects in the luxury segment are for sale. We are currently teaming up with Netoil to evaluate the next steps of funding and operating.
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Geopolitical Symposium: "Geopolitical Economic Symposium Stuttgart"
It is our intention to
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What's Next: "A global system of disorder"
In 1944 the U.S. called 44 allied nations to a conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire and offer global free trade, granted U.S. market access and full protection of all their maritime supply chain trade routes at zero cost.
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